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Sor-Bae Delight

By |2023-09-28T10:10:51-06:00September 29th, 2023|

Bonjour, foodies! Meet the Sor-Bae Delight, a refreshing French sorbet that's as vibrant as it is icy. This homemade dessert offers a burst of mixed fruit flavor that's light yet satisfying - the perfect finale to any meal. Get ready to impress with this simple, elegant treat!

Pantry Party Bites

By |2023-07-15T17:56:46-06:00July 5th, 2023|

Whip up Pantry Party Bites, a Mediterranean-American fusion snack made from pantry staples like chickpeas, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes. These healthy, flavorful bites are perfect for any time of day and cater to various dietary restrictions. Let your taste buds set sail with this easy vegan party snack!


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