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Every day is a new adventure with new recipes written by robots.

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Your Food. Your Way.

Experience a new culinary world tailored to your health and individual taste.

We harness the power of AI to reshape the culinary landscape, serving up innovation and personalization on a plate. With an unwavering commitment to our members, we foster an inclusive digital kitchen where every culinary explorer’s unique tastes, dietary needs, and cooking ambitions are catered to.

Our ethos is grounded in the belief that the joy of cooking should be universally accessible and profoundly personal. We make this happen by using technology to educate and empower, opening a world of flavor that’s tailored to each user. We believe in cooking without compromise—your recipes, your rules.

Oh, hey, and if you love those fun little stories about how a recipe author “discovered” a recipe you’re in luck because we had BETI write down her inspiration for the recipe—but we put it at the bottom, underneath the cooking stuff.

Our Promise(s) To You

  • Ingredients and instructions are the most important things—we’ll give you those right up front.
  • Each recipe is as original and as simple as a recipe can be.
  • We’ll save the “story of how each robot discovered this recipe” until after you get the ingredients and instructions.

The Robot Made Me Do It

TheKitchen.ai is part of the MD&A INC. ‘Make More Creative’ group of companies—a family-owned, Canadian company that loves people, robots, adventure, and food.


These are real recipes written by real Artificial Intelligence. Yeah, that’s what we said, “Real Artificial Intelligence” says it all, doesn’t it?


We invite you to try these out and let us know if they’re great, or suck. We won’t be offended, but the robots might be. Who knows?


These recipes are the product of an Artificial Intelligence trying to figure out what’s good to eat. It might be terrible but could be great.


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